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Speaking + Training

Sometimes, the best way to propel your team to the next level is with focused training and a little inspiration.

Our speaking and training services reinforce your organizational priorities with top-notch education for your staff. We’re experts at teaching our methods for healthcare success. Program participants not only leave feeling motivated and refreshed, but also take with them actionable plans and ideas that allow them to hit the ground running when they return to daily work life.

Speaking and training engagements are available through a variety of formats, including keynote and breakout sessions, board and executive team retreats, onsite workshops/seminars, webinars, and teleconferences.

Each session is tailored to your organization’s values, culture, and priorities to ensure that attendees experience optimal learning.

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Patient Experience

C.P.R.: Creating Positive Realities

As a patient navigates through your organization, they encounter many critical touchpoints that define the quality of their journey. Learn how to identify these key moments and create positive experiences for your patients and their support network based on one powerful principle: perception is reality.

From Start to Finish

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression … or do you? Despite popular belief, a patient’s first impression of your organization doesn’t have to define their entire experience. Cultivate loyal customers and positive referrals by learning service recovery techniques designed to create positive, lasting impressions.

Caring for the Whole Patient

When you care for a patient, you care for their whole family. A patient’s support network of family and friends is a critical part of the customer service equation. Is your team trained to care for the whole patient? Ideal for a variety of employees, this session teaches strategies to identify the different needs and touchpoints for both types of customers.

Employee Engagement

Under the Microscope

Do your leaders walk the talk? Employees are watching closely, and in order to foster a true service-driven culture, leaders must lead by example. In this session designed for managers at all levels of the organization, you’ll learn strategies you can implement to create a service-driven culture within your organization, as well as how your actions positively or negatively affect the teams you lead.

Beyond the Chart

The business of caring treats more than just the diagnosis. Studies show that employees who find ways to relate to their patients are more engaged and find greater joy in their work. This relational training track teaches employees how to put the patient back at the center of patient care while inspiring them with the impact their everyday work has on patients and families.

Run Your Playbook

In order to have good players on your team, you first have to explain the rules of the game. Clear expectations are a necessity for a functional, efficient, and satisfied workforce. Don’t leave success to a chance interpretation. Learn effective strategies that will help you communicate expectations and create a confident, engaged team.

It’s Not Me…It’s You

Good employees are worth their weight in gold. Are you tipping the scales with employee turnover among your best and brightest? Identify obvious, but often overlooked, factors that can lead your employees to greener pastures — and learn strategies to improve your employee engagement practices so you can keep them happy and loyal on your turf.


Marketing on All Cylinders

While marketing plans are designed to show how an organization will achieve its marketing objectives, most are missing two key aspects: the customer experience and employee engagement. Organizations that integrate both aspects into their strategy successfully meet the needs of both internal and external customers. Learn about the many benefits of embracing a holistic approach to marketing and find out how including customer experience and employee engagement factors will ensure that you get the most from your marketing investment.

Team-Based Marketing

Administrators often say that building and maintaining census is everyone’s job, yet many consider the sale “closed” after a patient is admitted, rather than when a patient is discharged. What part of the sales and marketing continuum is your internal care team accountable for? In this session, designed specifically for the senior care and home- and community-based sector, you will learn methods in which the internal care team can positively impact and support the marketing process and truly close the sale.

Healthcare Marketing & Sales: A Unique Translation

Are marketing and sales synonymous? In healthcare, the line between marketing and sales is often blurred, weakening the lines of communication to your target audience and hindering growth. Understanding the difference in the marketing and sales processes results in successful healthcare transactions. Convey your message and reach your target audience by learning the distinctions between the marketing and sales processes and recognizing when to activate each one.


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