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Recourse Resource University

Class is in session! Recourse Resource University is an online learning academy designed to support healthcare leaders like you in your quest to improve the healthcare experience. Join us for webinars on patient experience, employee engagement, and healthcare marketing — all without leaving your office. Come learn with us!


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WEBINAR: Cost-Effective Marketing

Healthcare keeps changing, and organizations will continue to be challenged to do more with less – and marketing departments are no exception. Do you know where your limited dollars and time should be spent? >> Learn More 

WEBINAR: From Start to Finish

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression…or do you? Despite popular belief, a patient’s first impression of your organization doesn’t have to define their entire experience… >> Learn More 


WEBINAR: Rewards & Recognition to Foster Retention

Employee rewards and recognition programs, which were once viewed as options, are now vital tools in an organization’s employee retention strategy… >> Learn More 

WEBINAR: Mastering Facility Tours & Get-Acquainted Visits

More and more healthcare organizations are accommodating patient requests for get-acquainted visits and facility tours… >> Learn More 

WEBINAR: Minding the Gap in Patient Experience

Is there a disconnect between your patient experience initiatives and your actual patients’ experiences? >> Learn More 


WEBINAR: What is Employee Engagement (and why should I care)?

Clinical leaders are tasked with the ultimate goal in patient care: to provide strong clinical outcomes. It’s easy to wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to employee engagement… >> Learn More 


WEBINAR: Mastering Marketing to Different Generations

When it comes to your marketing efforts, it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with people from different generations… >> Learn More 

WEBINAR: Caring for the Whole Patient

You already know that when you’re treating a patient, you’re not just treating them; you’re treating their entire family. But how do you create an optimum patient experience for everyone – even those who are not under your direct care?

>> Learn More 

Free Resources

  • 3 Traits Your Healthcare Marketer Should Have | Infographic
    Patients have to know you exist before they can come to your community or office. But with no shortage of competitors and healthcare consumers that are more educated and engaged than before, your marketing strategy — and the person that deploys it — is where it starts.
  • 5 Levels of Employee (Dis)engagement | Infographic
    Do you ever look up and wonder why an employee who used to be eager and excited suddenly seems like an entirely different person? Employee engagement doesn’t have to be a slippery slope — along the way, there are little warning signs that can let you know that something isn’t right…
  • What the Heck is Mobilegeddon? | Infographic
    And why should it matter to you? Mobilegeddon doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Find out what it means to be mobile-ready — and what that could mean to your Google search rankings. Getting mobile-optimized doesn’t have to be scary. Find out what you can do today!


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