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How to Be the Purple Cow

July 11th, 2017   •   no comments   

by Emily D. Tisdale   The business world has become a maze of competition, with multiple companies offering services in the same niche while trying to put their best foot forward and stand out against the competition. Many times organizations think that the best way to avoid this overlap is to extend their product lines […]

Is It Good or Good For Now?

June 28th, 2017   •   2 comments   

by Emily D. Tisdale   Regardless of how long you’ve been in the workforce or the titles you’ve held, there’s likely a lot of tasks on your plate. And whether it’s trying to meet deadlines, hit sales goals, or manage team members, many of us have a tendency to put processes in place that will […]

3 Signs Your Best Employees Might Be Burning Out

June 13th, 2017   •   Comments Off on 3 Signs Your Best Employees Might Be Burning Out   

by Emily D. Tisdale     Most of us know what it feels like to be disengaged at work. If you’ve ever had a job that you dreaded going to, you likely couldn’t wait to find a new opportunity. Sometimes, we burnout because the position simply wasn’t a good fit to begin with. There are […]

What is a Transactional Moment — and Why Does It Matter?

May 30th, 2017   •   Comments Off on What is a Transactional Moment — and Why Does It Matter?   

by Emily D. Tisdale     Business is all about making transactions. And in healthcare, this still applies. However, the interactions between providers and patients are what make up the essential transactions of our business. Almost all interactions in healthcare are transactional moments, whether you’re holding an initial meeting with a potential patient, signing a […]

Marketing Tactics that Never Go Out of Style

May 15th, 2017   •   Comments Off on Marketing Tactics that Never Go Out of Style   

by Emily D. Tisdale     Today’s digital age has given us marketing opportunities that we would never have had 20 years ago. We’re all for staying sharp and current, but there are some time-tested methods that should not be forgotten. If you’re a fan of blending the old with the new, here are a […]

4 Things Your Employees Want But Won’t Ask For

May 1st, 2017   •   2 comments   

by Emily D. Tisdale     As a leader, it can be tempting to make assumptions about what will make your staff happy (especially if you’ve taken the time to get to know your employees well). But that doesn’t mean that your employees don’t have needs that they haven’t shared with you. Each person has […]

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