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Is It Good or Good For Now?

June 28th, 2017   •   2 comments   

by Emily D. Tisdale


Regardless of how long you’ve been in the workforce or the titles you’ve held, there’s likely a lot of tasks on your plate. And whether it’s trying to meet deadlines, hit sales goals, or manage team members, many of us have a tendency to put processes in place that will suffice for the meantime.

But when we make these decisions, we have to ask ourselves an important question: Are we doing something that’s good or just good for now?

Here are some key areas to examine in your own organization as you ask yourself, “Is this good or simply good for now?”

Your Hiring and Onboarding Process

When you needed that new employee yesterday, it can be difficult to take the time that’s required to make sure you have the right match for each position. If business has suddenly picked up or you’re experiencing high turnover, a good-for-now mindset might tell you to hire and train someone as quickly as possible.

However, this can lead you to choose someone who isn’t the best fit for the job. Or, it can also cause you to rush through the training process, missing an opportunity to effectively onboard an employee to the organization. Consider instead in investing time to make sure your hiring and onboarding processes work for good by utilizing the right tools to ensure you’re hiring the best person for the job.

Want to take it up a notch? Give your employees the opportunity to provide feedback during the onboarding process and gain insight on potential gaps in training that you could improve in the future.


Your Website

Many times companies feel “official” once their website is up and running, and the rush to get this piece in place can lead to a good-for-now mindset.

If time isn’t on your side, you might be inclined to create a one-page site that includes your contact information but only gives a general idea of your services. While this is certainly good for now, it’s definitely not designed to serve your needs as your organization evolves. Make sure to take the time to develop a robust website that highlights all that your company offers.

And on the flip side, just because your website is finished doesn’t mean it can’t be updated. Regularly revisiting and revising your website allows you to enhance and edit your list of clients and services as your business evolves. Not only are site updates critical to representing your business in an accurate light, but generating new content actually helps your search engine rankings, too.


Your Policies & Procedures Manual

For some organizations, it may seem suitable to have an informal set of rules and operating procedures, however, this mindset is one that falls under the good-for-now category. Best practice for any organization is to formalize your rules and regulations so that you can avoid confusion or ambiguity that could lead to lost time, money, and customers.

It doesn’t hurt to dust off the old policies and procedures manual and do an annual review either. Oftentimes, you’ll find that policies and procedures that worked before may not work now. Or worse, that times have changed but yet your manual has not. Take for example a few years back when companies found themselves needing to formalize a social media policy.

Of course, with any policy and procedure change, it’s helpful to consult your legal team before any changes go into effect.


Your Sales Process

When you’re overloaded with prospects and can barely keep your head above water, it’s hard to focus on optimizing your sales process. However, analyzing your productivity can help transform your sales process from something that is simply good for now to an efficient process that is good forever.

Start with looking at the numbers from all different angles. When areas of improvement are identified, whether it’s at the individual level or at the organizational level, focusing on fact-finding (instead of fault-finding) will help guide improvements in the right direction.

This effort will help smooth out the peaks and valleys of your sales process which can help your team create a steady workflow that will lead not only to their individual success, but also to the company’s success.



At the end of the day, you’ll find that it does take more time and effort to transform your processes from good for now to good forever, but the benefits are too numerous to ignore. Ultimately, you’ll save time, energy, and money with effective systems — and it can be the difference between a good organization and a great one.


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