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We help organizations change the way healthcare is experienced.

Recourse Resource supports healthcare organizations by exploring processes and people to strengthen the company from the inside out. We're a solutions provider for modern, innovative healthcare companies. 


We're here to help you look at the big picture -- synchronizing patient experience, employee engagement, and marketing -- to create personalized, actionable strategies to elevate your organization's performance every step of the way.


If you're passionate about improving the way healthcare is experienced, let's talk.

We know healthcare.

How can Recourse Resource help you?


Patient Experience

Healthcare organizations must take into account not just the science of medicine, but also the art of caring … and it all starts with their customers – the patient and the patient’s support network of family and friends.


Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction is just the start. Employee engagement begins when employees understand their role and impact on the organization’s success. An employee’s full potential is realized when they know how they fit into the big picture.



Marketing is no longer a one-sided conversation. Marketing, patient experience, and employee engagement are interdependent… and an organization’s success is dependent upon these three aspects operating in sync.

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