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Healthcare Experience Services

Analysis and solutions in the healthcare sector

A successful healthcare experience starts with managing the customer experience.

Simple, right?

That depends on whom the organization defines as the customer. Many define their customer as the patient and stop at that, when in reality, the customer is more than just the patient.

A healthcare organization’s customers include

At Recourse Resource, we’re guided by our belief that a successful healthcare experience occurs when the varied expectations and experiences of each type of customer is considered and addressed.

As a leading healthcare experience firm, Recourse Resource partners with healthcare organizations to optimize processes and people to produce sustainable outcomes in patient experience, employee engagement, and marketing.

We help organizations change the way healthcare is experienced.

Who We Serve

Businesses we have helped
    • Hospitals
    • Health Clinics
    • Physician & Medical Practices
    • Senior Care Communities
    • Home Health, Home Care, & Hospice
    • Adult Day Centers